There’s been a dramatic uptick in visitors to this blog over the last two weeks, and with the uptick has come a new round of emails, posts, and even a phone call on the topic of the domain name. One friend, who probably prefers to go unnamed, writes:

“Like some others I thought your blog title was intentionally, cleverly, and subtly double-entendre Shanghai/Scrap and Shangha/is/crap. I think the ambiguity is feature rather than bug.”

Honestly, I wish that I could be that clever, on purpose, all of the time. But I can’t, and I’m not and so, for the record, and probably not for the last time, let me state unequivocally: shanghaiisNOTcrap

… though, to be honest, this week’s weather (38 degrees, 90% humidity, polluted) kind of was. Anyway, as was the case the last time I addressed this topic, the domain is still available. If it’s still around in another month (when I next address this topic), I might just grab it myself.