More Explosive China News

Today, Xinhua ran its second story in a week claiming success in reducing the amount of explosives available for criminal use in China. Unlike the week’s earlier story, which only provided statistics on the overall decline in explosive-related crime, today’s story provided numbers on just what’s being seized and destroyed – in a remote, 80% Tibetan county, on the edge of Sichuan Province:

  • 19,676 guns (of which 577 are “used military weapons” — how’d they get those?)
  • 4,725 kg of dynamite (!)
  • 236 hand grenades (!!)

As big as those numbers may seem (to me, at least), they’re mere fractions compared to the seizures that took place from June to September of 2006, during what Xinhua characterized as a “national crackdown.” Among other items, that crackdown took in: Continue reading