A Gift for BOCOG: An Even Greener Olympics

I’ve derived no small amount of pleasure – and blog posts – from the news releases on the official Beijing Olympic website. So, in thanks for more than a year’s worth of material, I am going to humbly offer (and email!) this tip that I hope will enhance Beijing’s reputation as the host of the best – and greenest – Olympics in history:

The National Stadium, or Bird’s Nest, was made from recycled steel!

Just remember: you read it first at Shanghai Scrap.

Now, I’m not sure why I’ve picked up on this fact before Olympic PR Central, especially because – this week – Olympic PR Central has been going out of its way to tell the world about the high-tech steel used to build the Bird’s Nest. Could be that – unlike me – they don’t spend much time following the ebb and flow of China’s steel recycling industry. If they did, they’d know that Wuyang Steel – the manufacturer of the 110mm Q460 steel used in the Bird’s Nest – is also one of China’s leading consumers of scrap steel. For those interested, a photo of Wuyang’s fabulous scrap piles can be found on the company’s website, here. Somewhat unrelated, but … photos of the largest (and longest!) steel scrap piles in China – or the world, for that matter – can be found in Zhangjiagang, and in this photo:

I’m not going to get into this now, but let the recycled Bird’s Nest Steel serve as one more example of the tight connection between environmentally-sound manufacturing and high-quality manufacturing (more Shanghai Scrap thoughts on that topic, here).