One World, One Dream, and One Very Well-Staged Olympic PR Photo

A bit under the weather these last few days … and it probably has nothing to do with this photo – and caption – that ran in China Daily on Saturday:

I’ve discussed this at length with two people who appreciate these things, and we all agree that this very good photo would have risen to the level of masterpiece if – instead of holding a guide for the disabled – the blind person was posing with one of the new Olympic Bibles (albeit, a braile version, while riding atop a wind-powered high-speed train through a security checkpoint manned by applauding members of the French parliament). Still, “ethnic minority volunteers” was a nice start.

Better content available when I’m back on my feet.

[UPDATE: A regular correspondent writes to point out that the photo lacks a panda. Good point.]


  1. Thanks for the good laugh and I hope you feel better, Adam. Is it just me or has there been a dropoff in the number of posts from the china based bloggers? Without naming names I get the feeling that some of the China stalwarts are holding their tongues or just plain sick of the whole situation.

  2. It would be better if ethnic minorities were so integrated into our culture that they wouldn’t need the funny hats, or even the caption pointing out their ethnic status.

  3. And it occurs to me that those ethnic minority people are looking at the page; it suggests to me that it should read “Visually disabled people help ethnic minority Olympic volunteers read braille version of the Games guidebook”.

    But that begs the question why these people are volunteering their help when they need someone blind to help them get around.

  4. Maxie – those are excellent points. And I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before – but it really does look as if the “blind” person is looking at the page. Might have to downgrade my prior evaluation of this one.

  5. Wow that gives new meaning to the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”! brilliant

  6. It would be nice if they were being cradled in the palm of a giant Hu Jin Tao while the disembodied head of Mao was smiling overhead.

    Chinese peoples unite for a successful sacred games!

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