End of Expo: DeluxZilla offers some thoughts

Starting today, we’re going full-tilt at Shanghai Scrap covering (sort of) the End of Expo 2010. What this means, exactly, I’m not sure. But I do think that – even if the rest of the China-based foreign correspondent corps won’t cover it (more on that shortly) – the end of the largest World’s Fair ever (size, attendance, etc etc) merits some attention. So we’ll start with a brief emailed Q&A that I conducted over the weekend with Zachary Franklin, author of the DeluxZilla blog. By day, Mr. Franklin is an M.A. student inl economics at Fudan – that is, when he’s not busy covering the Expo for the European Union wire service at the Expo. Indeed, during the Expo, Franklin has written – as of last count – 88 wire stories (subsequently picked up news agencies worldwide), and that has to be a record for a foreign correspondent at this event. A compendium of those stories can be found here, here, and here. Below, Mr. Franklin and Prince Albert of Monaco, at the Monaco pavilion (a/k/a Prince Albert in a Pavilion].

Nevertheless, despite all those wire stories, it’s Mr. Franklin’s blog that sets him apart. Posts like Going Through the Expo Garbage, Expo Fouls Up Three Month Party, and Fighting the Coke Man provide/d readers with a totally unique and informed insight into the life of this Expo; I’d say it was invaluable if you had any interest, professional or otherwise. I’d be remiss, too, if I didn’t mention, that Mr. Franklin once took me to task for my coverage of the USA pavilion (coverage like this). Alas, we’ve never met in person (my fault), but I’m assured by several mutual friends that the blogger is a total mensch. So, without further ado, a few Expo-related questions for Zachary Franklin, aka DeluxZilla: Continue reading