What a Difference A Day Makes in Ningbo.

In the interest of expanding the English-language discussion of China’s air quality situation beyond Beijing, I give you two photos taken, roughly 24 hours apart, from the 27th floor window of a hotel in downtown Ningbo. Let’s begin with yesterday.

Next, today’s image (that’s my shirt shimmering in the foreground glass – sorry).


  1. I think this is misleading. The pollution this time of year isn’t from smog but from burning fields. You make it look like it’s the fault of cars or factories.

  2. I used to travel to Ningbo for business a decade ago and I have beautiful memories of that city. I enjoyed many dinners near the three rivers enjoying seafood and local beer. Even then we knew it would change from a sleep place to a big city but it breaks my heart that it has become so polluted. Farewell Ningbo of old.

  3. Randy: where does he make it look like it’s anything’s fault? He just puts two photos up for comparison and leaves commentary without assumption.

    On a clear day in Ningbo, you can see the mountains on the horizon, quite beautiful. Unfortunately, those days usually only come a couple times a month during the summer and spring.

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