Let the Good Times/Culverts Roll.

[Alternative working title: Shanghai Pancake Machine]

Walked out of my building this morning to find that some genius from Public Works had – in the dark of the night – built a concrete culvert pyramid on my street.

Probably unsafe to do so, but I availed myself of a closer look and found that the far side (the one facing the expensive crane, a work crew, and a very, very busy street), had been braced like this:

On a somewhat related note – I ran into a friend of mine, a recovering American attorney, who literally rubbed his hands together and cackled when I showed him these photos (still on the camera).

[Soundtrack, here.]

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  1. I used to marvel at the genius of bamboo scaffolding — until two days ago on my way into the pet store, when a chunk of bamboo scaffolding fell and hit me smack on the forehead.

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