Haibao, on the street where I live.

While I was out of China two very important events happened in my neighborhood. First, everyone’s favorite pirate DVD shop re-opened. And second, the Beijing 2008 banners were pulled off lampposts and replaced with World Expo 2010 banners.

I leave commentary on Haibao, the mascot, to those who did it much earlier, and much better, than me.

Note to the Expo 2010 organizers: it’s not too late to change your mind (about Haibao).

[Addendum: Micah reminds us that the red banner encourages Shanghai to learn from the Beijing Olympics.]

Note to readers: this is the inaugural post in the new Expo 2010 category. And a couple of more banner photos after the jump.


  1. Why you waste my time with this stupid kind of post? I can see the banner outside my window and not waste the time going to this blog to see it again. Stupid!

  2. hey micah –

    I just upgraded to a new version of wordpress, and for some reason it changed the input settings so that Chinese characters weren’t allowed, anymore. Thanks for pointing that out – I think it’s fixed now (this is an ongoing bug in WP that drives me nuts, by the way). Anyway, agree on the “ugh.” Shanghai can stand on its own merits … though Haibao makes me nervous.

    zxzx – fair question, poorly phrased. 99.5% of this blog’s readership is outside of Shanghai; 97% is outside of China; 95% is outside of Asia. I love having a Shanghai readership, a China readership, but I happily admit to the fact that this blog mostly tries to reach folks who don’t have the opportunity to walk down a street in Shanghai on a regular basis. Sometimes that means taking pictures of things that I see on the street; sometimes it means talking about trade agreements; sometimes it means going to the Olympics. Point being, whenever I leave China I’m always surprised at the level of curiosity about daily life here. So, as much as possible, I try to bring some of that into this blog. Come to think of it, I probably should do more of it.

  3. The linked article calls him (it?) a love-child between Gumby and Izzy. I’ve always thought of it as more of a Gumby x Towelie cross, but maybe my love of South Park is blinding me.

  4. Your DVD shops have re-opened? It’s like a DVD desert down here in Shenzhen. I might actually have to check AXN to see what time House is on instead of just popping in another disk that I have yet to buy.

  5. My local DVD shops in Jingan were rated in the last few days. But the closest one got Batman, which was nice.

  6. Last week I had houseguests down from Beijing, and they innocently asked me how many weeks until the Expo opened.

    They couldn’t believe, from all the propaganda, that it’s years away still. And this is from Beijingers!

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