Fair & Balanced: Inside the South Korean Pavilion (my own Korean crisis)

Last week I posted several photos of the North Korean Expo 2010 pavilion to some mild interest from the North Korean aficionado community (oh yes there is), worldwide. At the time, I must admit, it didn’t occur to me to post images of the South Korean pavilion because – from the perspective of a US citizen – the North Koreans are just so much more interesting. That, and the South Korean pavilion – unlike the North Korean one – wasn’t open during the soft opening. Apparently, this did not go without notice, and so – while life was continuing apace for everyone else – I received a deluge (okay, six) emails asking me why I didn’t give equal time to the Free South (with three coming – suspiciously! – in the last 90 minutes). Fair enough: below, an image taken of a musical rehearsal (in the background) in the South Korean pavilion during the soft opening, earlier this week.

Again, I would’ve posted more and better, but the pavilion wasn’t open to visitors during the soft opening. Still, this image should offer some sense of the exquisite beauty that is the South Korean pavilion. And, at that, I’m going to pass out from Expo fatigue. Meatier material, tomorrow.

[Oh, and warm Shanghai greetings to the Beijing press corps which, over the last 48 hours has swelled the ranks of media in Shanghai by ten-fold, at least. For the record: we know you’ve arrived with heavy bags – and expense accounts. See you for dinner.]