Traveling … and off-line until May 24

In the midst of all of the Expo madness, I find myself on the road working on a couple of somethings completely unrelated to the Expo. So, despite my best intentions this week, I’m going off-line until next week. For now, I leave you with an image taken inside of the (wonderful on the outside) Shanghai Corporate Pavilion. Came across it while going through some photos on a flight earlier this evening. Despite appearances, the folks in the theater are not doing the wave or engaged in a prayer meeting. Rather, they’re manipulating the light array in the theater ceiling – at least, that’s what the animatronic woman on the screen (see back of photo) said was happening.

Before signing off I feel obligated to note that, despite the All-Expo, All-of-the-Time theme that appears to have overtaken the blog, it is my hope to return soon to some of the other topics that defined this blog for its first three years of existence. That is to say, the staff at Shanghai Scrap has no intention of keeping this up for another five months. See you next week with some high-quality posts, including – and we’re very excited about this – a very cool insider’s tour of one of Expo’s very best pavilions.