Thirty-six naps at Expo 2010.

[As noted in the prior post, this is the last week of All Expo, All of the Time at Shanghai Scrap. We’re wrapping up some loose ends before moving onto – or returning to – other subjects.]

Loose end #2 – Expo sleepers.

No, I’m not talking about undiscovered pavilions or restaurants. I’m talking about all of the people sleeping on the southern end of the elevated Expo Boulevard that runs the length of the massive Puxi side of the Expo 2010 grounds. It’s a big place, after all, and a good visit exhausts the energy of even the fittest. So what to do? Pick one of the twin-sized benches on the elevated boulevard, slip off your shoes, and … snooze. Some afternoons – especially warm ones – it looks like a triage zone up there.

In the interest of documenting this perfectly understandable phenomenon, I present, as a gift to my readers, 36 Expo Boulevard naps, as photographed this afternoon. [ed. note: individual photos may contain more than one nap.]


  1. Not enough variety, Adam! šŸ˜› You didn’t catch people asleep at their restaurant table and drooling, or napping holding on to the waiting line railing, or flat out dozing out in their moving seats during a movie… šŸ˜› I’m gonna try to contribute… šŸ˜›

  2. Just wanted to mention that there is a new CD of current Chinese electronica by Shanghai Restoration called “eXpo” that might be a soundtrack for “Expo, the Movie”

  3. My wife and I noticed the same thing when we visited last week. We even took some pictures that look like yours. Great minds think alike!

  4. I always think what a trusting & safe place China is in some way that people feel comfortable spontaneously napping anywhere the need strikes them. I’m from NYC & I can’t even imagine closing my eyes in public much less leaving my shoes & purse unattended while I do it! We have a saying in Ukrainian that dropping off to sleep on the spot is a sign of a clear conscience.

  5. So funny!
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