Other China correspondents write about politics; I write about carp.

It is not lost upon me that this week saw perhaps the biggest political story to emerge from China in two decades. Thus, it only seemed right that my Bloomberg World View column this week would focus on how Chinese netizens feel about the Asian Carp that are rampaging up the Mississippi, into the Great Lakes. I know, I know – how can you write about Asian carp when Bo Xilai is being relieved of his duties in Chongqing? And the answer, dear readers, is two-fold: a) sometimes these columns are turned in before breaking news, and b) I believe that most readers outside of China are more interested in rampaging Asian carp than Bo Xilai. I realize that’s a debatable, somewhat hard to swallow point for many of my China readers, but I stand by it. In any case,  I invite you to debate this and more in the comments to Chinese Fish for Meaning in US Carp Rampage.


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