China’s Titanic Nude Scene

In truth, there are only a couple of things I know for sure about China. One, if you’re in a big city, you’re never more than two blocks from a great meal; two, the stop lights are voluntary; and three, Titanic is huge.

Thus, it came as no surprise to anyone here that – over the weekend – the 3d version of the film earned US$67 million over the weekend, the best opening ever for a film in China, and a sum that exceeds the total Chinese theatrical gross for the original release of the film. It’s that big. However, despite the 3d enhancement, Chinese viewers couldn’t help but notice that the film was reduced in one significant respect: Kate Winslet’s nude scene was censored out of the film. The reaction, online and off, was notable and – in some respects – hysterical.

And that, dear readers, is the subject of my column this week over at Bloomberg View.  You’ll find it here.