Television Graveyard, Northern China

Below, a photo of the largest television graveyard north of the Yangtze River and, quite possibly, the largest one in all of China. Televisions brought to this location are – on average – twenty years old, Chinese-manufactured, and black and white models. They are procured nationwide, with most of the sets in this image having been shipped from Xinjiang and Heilongjiang.


I don’t believe in blogging/previewing information obtained while on-assignment, so – for now – I won’t divulge where this site is located. However, in the interest of promoting feel-good news, I will reveal that each of these televisions will be recycled to a roughly 60% recovery rate.


  1. We must blame the big bad western world who invented these evil televisions and forced it on Chinese, and now China has to face the consequence and clean it up for them.

  2. Wow, great pics. To the poster above, I think it’s more of an opportunity than a consequence. The recycling company that gets those TVs are capable enough to use their technology to salvage the harmful materials so they don’t go into Chinese landfills. You wouldn’t want the nasty mercury and cadmium dripping down into the water supply would you?

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