Human Pickles – A Shanghai Scrap Chinese New Year Contest

Blogging has gone unexpectedly light due to a burst of non-blog related inspiration AND the concurrent need to complete work on a presentation (more on that, shortly). So, as filler and penance, I hereby announce Shanghai Scrap’s first annual Chinese New Year Contest. But first: this blog has gone a long way without making sport of Chinglish and funny typos on Chinese signs/menus, etc. So, a promise: after this contest, no more making fun of Chinglish until I can pass the advanced HSK (don’t hold your breath).

Now onto the contest. Below, a menu item from a well-known Shanghai restaurant.


Those who read Chinese characters will immediately recognize that “Human” is actually a typo for “Hunan.” But for the purposes of this contest, that’s no matter. So here’s the deal: the first person to tell me which Shanghai restaurant is serving human pickles wins a dinner – with or without me, your choice – at that restaurant (in March). For those outside of Shanghai, I’ll award something of value (I haven’t come up with it yet) to the first person who can come up with a decent couplet incorporating “human pickles.” All entries should be sent to me via the Shanghai Scrap contact form. I reserve the right to publish the human pickles couplets (if there are any). Contest ends … I dunno, February 14.

[To be honest, I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this photo for months. This seems as decent an excuse as any.]

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