An Autocratic Shoulder to Cry On.

Sure, it seems like all fun and games being elected the President of Russia. But when the vodka stops flowing, and the long shadow of one Vladmir Putin starts peering over your shoulder, those Moscow nights might start looking a whole lot darker. And if that’s not trouble enough, those pesky, nosy Western democracies aren’t going to waste any time labeling your election a step backward. So where – oh where – does a newly, ahem, elected Russian autocrat turn for solace? China Daily, of course!

“Moscow, confronted by increasing pressure from the West, needs understanding and support from China,” added [Xu Tao, a professor of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations]. “This is a key reason why Medvedev will cherish the partnership with Beijing.”


[A friend recently emailed to ask: “Where would this blog be without China Daily?” To which I answer: I. Don’t. Know. Bless them.]