I interrupt this blog …

I’m traveling over the next six days (four cities!), so blogging is hereby suspended until Tuesday, March 11.



[The far edge of a preferred continent – from a window seat.]

For readers in need of a China-based blogging fix, let me suggest Global Voice’s riveting Hack Into Freedom City, danwei’s fabulous post on translating the name of the American national anthem into Chinese, Jim Fallows on right wing bloggers and China, Cup of Cha’s account of his recent visit from the PSB, and a couple of fine Uigher music videos (who knew?) at the Opposite End of China.

And, as a final piece of parting business, I’m more than a little surprised to report that last week’s The Tragedy of Yao’s Left Foot is now Shanghai Scrap’s all-time most popular post – and by a very, very wide margin.

See you next week!

[k.d. lang’s new Watershed co-exists nicely with the Raveonettes‘ latest on my ipod. Yours too.]