Finally, a Chinese development that I can buy into.

Spend enough time here, and you’ll think that you’re there. Specifically, Soho, Palm Springs, Manhattan, and all of those other high-end US addresses and place names that China’s real estate developers have affixed to their pricey sprawls. So, while in Wuxi earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to see that one forward-thinking developer had actually turned a page (of the atlas) to the Midwest. Below, a photo taken of the scale-model in the sales office:

Find me Minnetonka, and I’m sold.


  1. kemc –

    As it happens, I’m a pure-bred Minnesotan (mostly raised in Minnetonka) who, if forced to choose between coasts, would choose the West one. NYC makes me feel claustrophobic.

    And that’s why – when I posted this – I was absolutely SURE that someone would come along and set me straight about where the Midwest is. You’re right: Montana is the West. But, in my defense, the post wouldn’t have been as punchy if I’d distinguished.

  2. Okay, we seem to have entered the Realm of the Utterly Humorless Commentator. This is a relatively unknown region where I come from – almost as unknown as the Midwest is to most Chinese. This is a blog, my dear, not the New Yorker.

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