Rush Hour, Hengshan and Gao An

Early this morning I was awakened by some pretty spectacular thunder claps (effects of Typhoon Nuri, I learn). Then, I fell back asleep, lulled by a really nice sounding, steady rain. Little did I expect to find the streets of Shanghai (well, my streets) flooded when I made my way out of my building at 8:30 AM. Here’s the scene:

For those who don’t know Shanghai – the intersection of Hengshan, Gao An, and Yongjia roads is one of the busiest in downtown – especially during rush hour. I really don’t want to think about the kind of ricochet effect this is having on traffic throughout the city.

[UPDATE: Shanghai Daily reports that this storm was the largest one-hour rainfall to hit Shanghai in at least 130 years.]

2 thoughts on “Rush Hour, Hengshan and Gao An

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  2. The intersection just west of the Century Avenue metro station looked like this as well this morning. I got soaked!

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