Shanghai’s Worst Concessions

I had such a fine time at last night’s Olympic soccer matches that I’m really loathe hesitant to say anything negative about the experience. So, first let me say something nice: the organizers ran a smooth show. Security was omni-present, but by no means was it intimidating or heavy-handed. Everything started on-time. And, best of all, the fans were a whole lot of fun.

Now, the bad: the food concessions. Needless to say, Hebrew National hot dogs were not served. Heck, they didn’t even have popcorn. Below, the menu as found throughout the stadium:

Currency is converted at the rate of US$1 = RMB 6.85

Now, clarifications. “Bread” is actually a bag of three croissants. “Puffing food” is corn puffs in shrimp and pea flavors. I knew better than to try “sausage.” The beef jerky was traumatic.

Next, the beverage list:

Here, the organizers kind of redeem themselves – especially with the beer prices. Pour size is actually just a can poured into a plastic cup (no draughts). But you just go and try find me a US$.73 beer at a US stadium!

[full disclosure: I was on deadline last night, so my beverage intake was limited to mineralized water over two Snickers, a bag of croissants, a handful of pea puffing snacks, and one very regrettable nibble of beef jerky. No beer for this correspondent.]


  1. I am loath to point out the misuse of a certain verb, but I could not suppress my vanity. Sorry, Adam.

  2. They had Carlberg on draught at Shanghai Qizhong arena for the two USA basketball games this week. It was ¥30 for a tall cup, which though pricey for China, was well worth it in terms of frosty deliciousness. Especially in comparison with the $7 for an MGD when I go to watch the Whitesox beat the Twinkies.

  3. tjh –

    Last I checked, the White Sox dropped three of four to the Twinkies at the Metrodome … only two weeks ago! 🙂

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