The State of Expat Advertising

This one’s for the folks outside of Shanghai.

If you live in Shanghai, you are almost certainly aware of this advertisement for the high-end Dragonfly Spa which, prior to this campaign, emphasized its classical Chinese roots. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that I may have been the last expat in Shanghai to see this campaign (it seems to have been placed, full page, in every English-language magazine in Shanghai). But whatever. There’s much to admire here … and to admire it in all of its glory and color, click on the thumb below to get an expanded image. I think, as details go, nothing quite beats the lower lip bite.

As it happens, I know people who know this model (he is not a professional model – go figure), and though I’m not at liberty to divulge what was said to me in regard to this image, suffice it to say that there is puzzlement all around.


  1. Even without knowing any of the details about how this picture became part of this ad campaign, I think there are many morals to this story we can infer……..

  2. I too have seen this ad and am puzzled. Especially in context to their previous ads.

    Can only say it must’ve been a lapse of judgement or else a bold move for greater publicity.

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