Offline Until November 1.

Blogging takes time. Time to write. Time to read. And, in the case of this blog, it requires travel and conversations with people who know interesting things. At the moment, however, I’m tied down while I complete a book project that requires my undivided attention. So, reluctantly, I’m putting this space on hold for the next six weeks, until November 1.

Just to be clear: the ‘Scrap will be back. And when it comes back, I promise, it will rely less upon Haibao and/or things that I receive in the mail, and more on reported posts that reflect my travels and interactions in Asia.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to the feed and/or stop by regularly. If you’re looking for quality China blogging, the blogroll over to the right lists the ones that I read regularly. For a more comprehensive directory, the mighty Danwei recently published its annual list of Model Workers among the China blogs.

Finally – I may not be blogging, but that doesn’t mean I’ve fallen into a black hole. Emails sent via the Contact Form will be returned promptly! Now, back to work.