Peng Wei’s ‘Paper Skin’

If you happen to be in Beijing on Sunday, April 26, allow me to recommend the opening of ‘Paper Skin,’ a new exhibition by my friend Peng Wei, at Gallery ARTSIDE, Space II, at 5 PM (that’s this Sunday). Address and contact info, here.


I should probably do a longer post about Peng Wei at some point. But, for now, suffice to say that – in this blogger’s opinion – she’s one of the most interesting painters to emerge from Beijing in the last decade. Among collectors (as it happens: two fine ink paintings on the wall behind me), she’s best known for her delicate ink paintings of women’s shoes, and her monumental, fictionalized images of classical Chinese robes. Her imagination is boundless; her technique is peerless.

To be sure, Peng Wei could spend her life painting shoes and robes for happy collectors . But what’s encouraging, and right, is that she’s beginning to explore works in three dimensions, among which are works that will be displayed at ARTSIDE. It’s the rare artist willing to buck her audience and market, but that’s Peng Wei, and that’s among the many reasons to go and see this very interesting show.

[For the record: I don’t do nearly enough plugging of my friends on this blog. But Peng Wei is special, and so let this plug be the start of more plugs to come (of other friends, and their work).]