The couple that granulates Thai fruit baskets together …

I spent the weekend in a part of Northern China that I can’t reveal, but suffice it to say that they recycle a whole lot of plastic there. Anyway, a quick photo to share before I get back to multiple looming deadlines. When I first came across this couple in the early afternoon the pile of shredded plastic was waist high and maybe two meters in diameter. This photo was taken at sunset (click for an enlargement).


Nearby, there was a stack of red plastic fruit baskets – perhaps two stories high, and ten meters in all directions – awaiting their attentions. The shredded plastic is dried and packaged directly for shipment to a company that re-melts it for re-use. I’m going to hold off making any judgments (for now). But I will remind myself, and my readers, that if you are viewing this image on a computer screen during the work day, you undoubtedly have a more pleassant life than the folks pictured here. It’s worth recalling once in a while, and – over the weekend – I recalled (and confronted) it a whole lot.