Weekend Listening: the Sinica Podcast

Kaiser Kuo, Beijing-based writer, tech-watcher, and guitar-player (and prolific tweeter), recently launched the Sinica podcast, a weekly look at “politics, economics, international relations and how it all relates to China.” It’s an interesting and enjoyable listen, featuring some of the more prominent folks in China’s internet and media industries. Among the many reasons that I like it – actually, the very reason that I like it – is that it’s a chance to hear writers and thinkers with a deep interest in China, talking about that interest in an informal way. Speaking from experience, the conversations you hear in the Sinica podcast aren’t unlike the conversations you’d hear if these same people were out for dinner. I can’t speak for writers and journalists who cover other beats, but it’s my long-standing observation that the people who think and write about China spend a lot of time talking passionately about China, too.

This week’s podcast – “Dimensions of China’s Soft Power” features Kuo, Gady Epstein, the  Beijing Bureau Chief for Forbes, Jeremy Goldkorn of the essential Danwei blog, and Evan Osnos, the Beijing-based staff writer for the New Yorker. It also features a short dispatch from Expo 2010 (World’s Fair) in Shanghai, featuring me, Mr. Shanghai Scrap. You can download and/or stream the podcast here.

And a brief plug for a recent Sinica podcast– Gady Epstein’s reading of Tom Friedman’s secret memo to Hu Jintao. Not to be missed!