UK, stripped.

I finally had a chance to visit the ongoing demolition of the Expo 2010 [Shanghai World’s Fair] grounds this afternoon. Much of what I saw is destined for publication somewhere other than Shanghai Scrap. But I’d be remiss in my duties as a blogger if I didn’t post the striking state of the (once) iconic UK pavilion, now stripped, denuded, humiliated – just another Shanghai demolition, in-progress. Those signature lucite branches that used to sway in the breeze? You’ll find them cracked and broken on the ground – and at the front of the photo (for detail beneath the pavilion, click here).

For reference sake, a nighttime image taken a few months ago, during happier times (for the beleaguered pavilion), from roughly the same spot. Alas, all good things must end (and, for the record, I thought the UK pavilion was a very good thing, indeed).

My patriotic British friends will surely be proud to know that the demolition of their pavilion appears to be much further along than the demolition of most other Western European pavilions. Rule, Britannia!

[for additional images and commentary on Expo demolition work, see this excellent post at Shanghai Shiok!]