1. Heh. I am a little jealous. Ours sold at our parish do not bear the Olympic logo. They would not make so cool a gift to American family members.

  2. It’s interesting to me that the image on the calendar seems so…Western. Is that common — either in general or in religious/Catholic contexts — in China?

  3. Mike – Western religious imagery and iconography is ubiquitous in China’s churches (Catholic and Protestant). Though I don’t like to generalize on points like this, I feel comfortable stating that Chinese Christians strongly identify their faith with its Western origins. This is very much akin to how American Buddhists, say, identify with the Eastern origins of their faith. And if it looks strange to Americans when they see Chinese Catholics accessorizing with Wetern iconography – just imagine how weird it must seem to Chinese Buddhists when they see Americans accessorizing their prayer spaces with Tibetan icons.

    Perhaps the most important and interesting example of Chinese adapting Chinese iconography to Christian art can be found at Shanghai’s St. Ignatius Cathedral where the church has commissioned distinctly Chinese stained glass windows. I wrote about this project last year for the Los Angeles Times, and you can find the article here:


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