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Today, Xinhua reports that explosive-related crimes in China are on the decline, with a mere 2,727 cases (involving 6,593 people) committed from July to October. Now, by my count, there are 131 days in those four months, which means – using China’s own crime statistics, that:

Between July and October, a daily average of at least 20.81 explosive-related crimes were committed in China.

I write “at least” because – presumably – not all explosive-related crimes were reported and/or caught.

So what is an explosive related crime? According to Xinhua, there are three categories: explosive cases (down 20.1%), explosive incidents (down 16.7%), and explosive robbery cases (down 2.9%). The latter one is a little unclear to me: does it indicate robberies utilizing explosives, or just theft of explosives? And the first one, too: are we talking about cases of unauthorized possession of explosives (the article hints that unauthorized coal mines are involved in much of this business)? Whatever we’re talking about here, this seems – to me – like a whole lot of criminal activity in an area that I always assumed was rigidly controlled by the insurrection-wary authorities. Shows what I know.

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