Shanghai Snow

Truly, I never imagined that I’d have the chance to see it snow in Shanghai again. In five years here, this is the third time (that I’ve seen), and the first in more than three years. Alas, my photos didn’t do justice to the big clumps that fell during the mid-afternoon. But take my word for it: this was a beauty. Below, a photo of the flyover walkway in Xujiahui Park – one of the few places where I saw actual accumulation.



  1. You know, it’s so cold all over China, even here in Shenzhen, that I am almost expecting to hear that it might snow any day for the first time, like ever, in Shenzhen. Last week we moved into an apartment with working heat, THANK GOD!

  2. Hi Adam

    I was shocked here by the snow in Shanghai, but probably more surprised (and this after being here for 4 1/2 years) that Chinese treat snow like rain and carry an umbrella. Me, I look like the crazy Canadian Laowai who just puts on my toque (hat) and gloves and gets waling.


    I heard that all of Guangdong is freezing this year. My girlfriend just flew from Shanghai to Guangzhou yesterday for the Spring Festival holiday (I’ll be joining her next week) and her family advised us to bring more of our “Shanghai clothes” as it is almost as cold there — just no snow.


  3. John – A keen observation over at your blog:

    ” … if you listen/read/watch state media here they seem to say that whatever major weather event is happening that season, it’s the biggest typhoon/highest temperature/coldest temperature/most snow that the Shanghai has seen in 10 years.”

    I never thought of that before. You’re absolutely right.

  4. I moved from BJ to Sh in Dec 04, the first 6 days it snowed every day, first time for over 50+years, Did you ever try to get a taxi when its snowing in SH–Forget it, total waste of time.

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