Bail Out the Bloggers, too.

Ross Douthat takes stock of the recent US bank, hedge fund, insurance company and possible auto manufacturer bailouts and properly concludes that journalism has been hurting for much longer:

Sure, GM employs roughly five times as many people as all all of America’s newsrooms combined – but that just means that we’d be much, much cheaper to bail out! GM needs $25 billion, but we’d settle for, I dunno, five billion?

A fun read.

And while I’m in the recommending mood, a friend recently turned me onto the first season of the American version of the “Life on Mars” television series. Many reasons to pass along the recommendation, but I’ll stick to the first one that comes to mind: Harvey Keitel. Anyway, it can be downloaded from itunes, and – no doubt – it’ll soon be appearing in boxed set form at a pirate DVD shop near you.

And just how great is this?


  1. Hi Adam — check out the original BBC “Life On Mars” — we were huge fans & the American series has copied most of the storylines and ideas note for note. While we enjoy the American version and one can’t argue with Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, etc., it’s sometimes a bit jarring to see what’s essentially a rerun.

    Now, as for the “this,” it seems you and I are mining the same stuff. How about this? I mean, if 3:07-3:50 does not restore your faith in rock, nothing will.


  2. Hi Joel – My faith is restored! Great stuff. And I will definitely look into the British “Life on Mars.” Wouldn’t be surprised, frankly, if I find it at the pirate shop downstairs. Things get turned around pretty quickly here, though not, alas, good rock and roll.

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