Windows in Print

The February 2009 issue of the New York-based design magazine, Print, is a theme issue focued on the relationship between design and community … and includes “A New Light,” my (latest) essay on the design of Chinese-style windows for Shanghai’s St. Ignatius Cathedral (for blogging on this subject, see here, here, and here). The accompanying photos were taken by friend and favorite colleague, Ariana Lindquist, and include a spectacular 20 image montage showing the specialized process for creating some of the windows installed just last month. Alas, the article and photos are not available online. But – and this is going to sound very old media – Print is one of the world’s most beautifully designed periodicals, and you’re cheating yourself if you read it in anything other than, well, print! So, if you’re in the US, stop down to your local bookstore and enjoy it there. The February TOC is here.