Baseball merchandising around the world, ep. 1

Due to unexpected but very welcome events in Minneapolis, Shanghai Scrap has baseball on his mind, and thus – while running errands earlier in the day – I was stopped in my tracks by the Major League Baseball stall at a busy shopping mall in Xujiahui. It’s not your average American MLB shop, that’s for sure. Rather than selling authentic jerseys and caps (admittedly, all available across town at the various fake markets), the Xujiahui MLB shop mostly sells women’s MLB apparel, and tarted-up caps (not a regulation cap to be found). Here and there, I found a few items for that male baseball fan in your life, but otherwise, so far as I could tell, the Xujiahui MLB shop is marketing to fashion-conscious young Chinese women (they constituted the majority of the customers and all of the employees). Which is fine by me, frankly. But it does strike me as an unusual approach to this totally undeveloped market, so early in the game (assuming that MLB had something to do with this shop). I’d expect a more ecumenical approach, if you will.


FYI: Despite a surplus of merchandise from failed Chicago franchises and other losers, I could not locate any merchandise bearing the name and logo of the current American League Central champs.



  1. It would appear even some small knock-off shop in Xujiahui knows that selling memorabilia from some mediocre mid-market franchise in the middle of the tundra that just happened to get lucky in one of the weakest divisions in baseball is a sucker’s game.

  2. Dan – You may have a point there, but – for the record – I do believe that the mid-market franchise YOU may have been rooting for is just a wee bit off the tundra … and, unlike mine, isn’t in NYC at the moment.

    Come to think of it, now that the US gov’t is going to require bloggers to disclose endorsement deals, I really think China Law Blog needs to crack down and start requiring China bloggers to reveal baseball affiliations.

  3. To add to the Cubbie’s woes is the fact that today they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. No World Series in over 100 years, maybe they’ll match that with consecutive financial losses for 100 years?

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