Appearing at the Eco-Design Fair – Sunday, April 18

Quick post to let interested folks know that I’ll be speaking on Sunday at the Shanghai Eco-Design Fair, at 1:00 PM (at the Jiashan Market – details here). Among other goals, the Fair hopes to encourage “the sustainable design movement in Shanghai.” With that in mind, I’m going to argue that you can’t have a successful sustainable design movement without fully engaging the scrap recycling industry in all its misunderstood, down and dirty glory (thus, the title of my talk: Scrapping the Re-Invented Wheel). That is to say, sustainable designers need to get out of their lofts, and down to the metal yards where recycling has been happening for decades. I’ll be drawing upon the vast Shanghai Scrap scrap yard photo archives  for this one.

Directions, a map, and a schedule for the Eco-Design Fair available here.