Off-line until August 2

UPDATED JULY 19: All’s well, but I will continue to be offline until August 2. I can still be contacted via the Contact Form. Truly back in August.

This just in: I’m going offline until July 19 (yes, even twitter). I’ll still be reachable through the Shanghai Scrap contact form and my regular email account (for those who have it), though my response time will now be measured in (a few) days.

Thanks to all of my readers (and Expo 2010) for the recent surge in visits; I’m surprised and a bit flustered by the uptick. For sure: I’ll be back.

While I’m away, I hope you’ll take the time to try the many fine China blogs to the lower right, in the blog roll. They’re all good (every last one!), and many are written by good friends. And if those don’t satiate your thirst for quality summertime China blogging, might I suggest that you have a look at my seasonally appropriate ongoing series looking at carp fishing in China – here, and then here?

Enjoy the summer. Back in three weeks.