Guest Blogging WEEK of Feb 28 … and speaking in Shanghai, March 4.

I am definitely blogging this week, but I am doing it as a guest blogger for James Fallows over at the Atlantic. Most of my readers, I suspect, are familiar with Fallows’ blog  (it’s oft linked in these parts), but if not I hope you’ll stop by (and stay for Jim’s return in a month or so).  I’ve worked up something different for this stint: seven photo-oriented posts, limited text, one per day. The links, below, will go live as the posts go live at the site.


In other news: the Shanghai Literary Festival opens Friday, March 4, and I’m on the opening day panel –  the Bloggerati Panel – at 17:00 at the Glamour Bar. Jeffrey Wasserstrom of the China Beat blog (and so much more) will be moderating, and it guarantees to be a good discussion. It also guarantees to be followed by the festival’s opening night cocktail reception. Details on the panel, the cocktail, and the entire festival, available here.