My gift to anxious NFL fans in China

Due to a September 2008 blog post complaining that ESPN (in Asia, at least) broadcast a dog show instead of a Vikings-Packers Monday Night game, Shanghai Scrap appears to have become a top google result for the not insignificant number of NFL fans performing searches for things like “Monday Night Football Shanghai” and “Where Vikings Packers in Shanghai” in advance of this week’s highly anticipated showdown.

As a public service to the sizable number of NFL fans in China who wish to watch Hall of Fame Vikings QB Brett Favre defeat the Green Bay Packers, and who don’t have an illegal Filipino satellite dish at home to help them do it, I present the surprising results of my public-spirited investigation into the options.

Now, it may well be the case that expat-oriented bars and restaurants will open early for the most anticipated regular season Monday Night/Tuesday Morning Football game in history (8:30 AM, Tuesday, China time). If that’s your preferred option, call around. But if, like me, you’d prefer to avoid spending your morning with inebriated members of Packer – ahem – Nation, who think nothing of downing a pack of Chinese “hot dogs” and a bucket of Reeb before the breakfast kickoff, then I’ve got an option for you:

No idea why, but the NFL has agreed to allow Sina stream the Vikings-Packers game (nay, every Monday Night game) live and for free (take that, NFL Game Pass). To watch it, launch Internet Explorer (Firefox won’t work), click over to Sina’s NFL viewing window, and then click the window itself. You’ll be asked for permission to install Sina’s TV software; accept, wait for the installation to complete, and then – fast as you can – bone up on your Chinese football vocab (play-by-play is in Chinese). That’s it; you’re good to go.