Everybody’s a Comedian: Axis of Evil (partly) re-united at Expo 2010

I don’t know the name of Expo 2010’s Master Planner, but I’m sure that – whoever it is – has a good sense of humor. Why? This morning, while wandering the Expo (World’s Fair) site in search of the North Korean pavilion (see this evening’s earlier post), happened upon the Iranian pavilion – next door to it.

Now as even a casual student of US foreign policy misadventures surely knows, Iran and North Korea are the two remaining (living) members of the Axis of Evil, memorably fingered by President George W. Bush in his infamous 2002 State of the Union address. So the question then arises: is it mere coincidence that the Expo organizers placed these two countries – who otherwise have nothing else in common – next to each other on the Asia A-10 Square (hereby renamed “Axis of Evil Square“). Consider, too, that several of Iran’s other neighbors – like Pakistan – are clear on the other side of the Asia section of the Expo grounds. I do believe in coincidences, but this is just too much.


  1. Of course it’s no coincidence. The Chinese government is tweaking us for our failure. They like to do that.

  2. You realize that somebody from another news organization is going to take this post and turn it into a story don’t you? You should trademark Axis of Evil Square while you have the chance.

  3. Why is Iran axis of evil? Because a lying, mass murderer called it that? Have you been to their pavilion? If you are a fair, honest reporter (which you obviously are not), you don’t go repeating some one’s lies. I can’t believe the Chinese planed it like that. But you do realize that China is one of the worst polluters on earth and human right violator. So of course they would prefer to distract peoples attention like they did you. Iran with a culture that has begun many thousands of years has given a lot to humanity.If we are in space today go and thank Iranian scientists! Not Arab Iranian. Arabs had a big dry land full of sand and were too busy surviving. And if those Iranians adopted Arabic names it was because they converted to Islam like our African-American brothers now change their names.I can’t believe your ignorance and for taking pride for it? Don’t you realize how those in power need to make their own evil boogie man to convince us for their killing and destroying other nations?
    Its because of this backward thinking and people like you who advocate it, that we are going backward. Just look at u.s. pavilion. Is that the best we could do? Have you no appreciation for art and architecture? The axis of evil are people like you that abuse your media, and misguide people. Iran has never done anything to deserve a title like that, and you know better who deserves best to be called that?

    p.s. This is not in defense of Iran, nor do they need defending by me? This is just to enlighten you and make you see that stupidity and non factual lies will only make us go backward. We have a lot to be proud as Americans, but calling names, especially those small nations that try so hard to survive our mighty military power, even our presidents nuclear thread, is not right.Its not something that makes us better, or stronger. We have become everything that we accuse them of being and worse! Please use your conscious next time you call an old nation of 70 million names!

  4. You call Iran Axis of evil yet you need their oil. So shut the ….k up and go back home. Now I know why every one wants to blow you up. I think it is about time you open your eyes and stop following the stupid infamous speeches. That is if you have a brain !

  5. did u ever visited isfahan? what about perspolis? yazd? tabriz? these r some of iranian ancient city with a long history, culture and civil.

  6. Farzin, Elmar Will, and Safa – If you had bothered to read my post, rather than just the title, you might have inferred that I am highly critical of George W. Bush and his “foreign policy misadventures” as I characterized then in the first sentence of the second paragraph. I can certainly understand that the term ‘Axis of Evil’ would trouble you; it troubles me, too. That’s why I posted this item: it appears to me that the Chinese are subtly, perhaps comically, reminding the US of its aggressive foreign policy mistakes of the last decade.

    As it happens, I’ve long dreamed of visiting Iran. I am a huge fan of your country’s films – especially those by the sublime Abbas Kiarostami – and they’ve influenced me greatly. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit the place where they were made.

    In any case, thank you for stopping by. In the future, though, I hope you’ll read more carefully before leaving a comment. Had you done so in this case, you would have realized that this post was written by a friend, and not a critic.

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