Updates from Junkyard Planet

It’s been a busy two weeks on the Junkyard Planet tour. Before Thanksgiving, I had a series of appearances in the Midwest. Along the way, I stopped in to say hello to Dr Evermor, the maker of the Forevertron, the world’s largest (and best!) scrap metal sculpture (something I wrote about – at length – in 2005). I’ll have more to say about that visit with Dr. Evermor in weeks to come. In the meantime – and for those who don’t know it – a photo of the Forevertron, below.DSC04841

As I blog this, I’m en route to Los Angeles for four appearances in Southern California over the course of the next week, three of which are listed here (I’ll post info on the fourth in the next day).

Finally, Junkyard Planet press keeps rolling in. Some of the most recent highlights:

  • The New York Times’ David Barboza conducted a Q&A with me that appeared last week in two parts, available at the paper’s Sinosphere site, here and here.
  • WBEZ Public Radio had me in the studio to talk about recycling and consumption in an extended interview that aired on the excellent World View program the day after Thanksgiving last week.
  • Just today, Vice Media posted a video podcast of an interview I did with Wilbert Cooper regarding Junkyard Planet when I was in New York a few weeks ago. Wilbert’s a great guy, and he took me in some interesting directions not covered by other interviewers. I really enjoyed doing it (and working with Vice!).
  • At the LA Review of Books, Susan Jakes published a spectacular review of Junkyard Planet.
  • To my complete surprise, Junkyard Planet made Slate’s Best Books 2013 list, staff picked edition, thanks to Joshua Keating.

Finally, I’ve set up a Goodreads drawing to win one of the three signed hardcover copies of Junkyard Planet (US only, for now; international readers will get their shot in January!). Enter here to win one.

Lots more to come. Thanks as always to the many friends of Shanghai Scrap who’ve kept this blog going over the years.